dental x-ray mesquite

Dental X-rays help dentists diagnose oral health problems. A dentist can order several types of X-rays. The type ordered depends greatly on the requirements of the patient’s situation. Getting your dental x ray mesquite done yearly is considered to be a healthy practice.

Types Of Dental X-Rays

You might be surprised to know that different types of dental X-rays record different views of your mouth. The most commonly used ones are intraoral X-rays. The types of intraoral X-rays are given below:

·    Periapical

This one gives the dentist a view of an entire tooth, right from the crown to the jaw bone that supports it.

·    Bite-Wing

This type provides a visual of both your lower and upper posterior teeth. It shows the alignment and space between these teeth.

The dentist will be able to check how the teeth touch each other and judge if any decay is present or not.

·    Panoramic

This one gives the entire view of the teeth, jaws, etc. Moreover, it also shows the nasal area, sinuses, and the joints of your jaw.

Such an X-ray is taken if the patient needs orthodontic treatment or a dental implant.

·    Occlusal

This one provides a view of the mouth floor to indicate the upper and lower jaw bite. Such kind of X-ray is to show a child’s tooth development. It shows the primary and permanent teeth of the child.

Extraoral X-rays are done when your dentist thinks there are problems in the jaw or other areas outside the gums.


When the X-ray images are ready, your dentist will go over them and look for problems like decay, cavities, teeth abnormalities, etc. Then the doctor will discuss various treatment options of your condition.

dental x-ray mesquite

If there are no problems with your teeth, then congratulations, you have maintained them very well.